Monday, September 8, 2014

Quilt Show in Arnhem

 Today we visited the annual quilt show of the dutch quilters guild.
This year it was held in the "Eusebiuskerk" (church) in Arnhem.
The church is big and quite impressing and makes a great backdrop for the colorful quilts.
 This year's theme was "kringloop", that means cycle, or recycle.
So there were some quilts out of recycled materials.

 ...Jeans,...'s ties,...

 ...vintage bed and table linens.

 There even was a dress made out of ties!
 And this quilt was particularly cool. It is made out of 1310 little clothes labels!
 Of course there also were a lot of beautiful quilts from "regular" fabrics. :-)


Joyce Carter said...

Wow, Steffi! Those quilts are so impressive and the church is just beautiful. I love the tie dress. Who would have thought of this? Thanks for sharing these.

Chris said...

Great quilt show and perfect venue.

Julie said...

Wow - there are some fabulous quilts there. I love seeing how other people use fabrics - whether recycled or new.