Saturday, September 6, 2014

a Thrift Store Treasure

 We are back from Denmark, and look what I found: a Singer 99K! Isn't she a beautiful little machine? I found her in a thrift shop.
The Danish have great thrift shops. In almost every town you can find at least one. I love to visit them and see if they have nice men's shirts or vintage sheets for patchwork.
And on our last day, in the last shop, this little beauty was sitting and waiting for me.
I searched online a bit and found out that this machine was made in Scotland in 1958. I threaded it and sewed a few test seams. Everything seems to work fine, but I'll clean and oil it at first.
Then I could sew wherever I want, even on the balcony. :-) And it also makes a beautiful decoration piece, I think.
 We also watched some awesome sunsets at the beach.
For years I want to make a quilt with sunset colors, and I think I finally have an idea for a pattern.
More of this soon. And I'll also show you what else I brought home from Denmark.


Rhonda D. said...

Love your machine! Congrats on finding a hand crank!

Aangenaam verpozen met Joke said...

So eine schöne machine. Es seht aus wie neu.
Liebe Grüße, Joke