Monday, July 7, 2014

Piggy Bank Challenge

Val at Val's Quilting Studio hosts a fun challenge on her blog:
save your cange and other coins lying around in your home, add a few bills if you like, and after one year we'll see how much we saved.
This cute, handpainted piggy was a gift from my parents. 
Today, I took the 50 Cents that laid on top of  the washing machine for one week, and a few smaller coins from my purse, and made a start.
Next year I will spend the money either on fabric (surprise!) or take it with me when we go on vacation.
My husband collects his change in this money can. He did it for quite some time now and plans to continue until the can is full. It has no opening, so he will have to use a can opener if he wants to get his money. :-)

Val's Quilting Studio

Come and play along, let's see how much we can save! :-)

In other news, this is the very last star for my hexie quilt. All the flowers are done, too!
Stay tuned for wednesday! I hope to have it all on the design wall then.


Valerie Reynolds said...

SO fun for me to think someone way over in Germany has joined me in my penny pitching ways!!Love your hexi's and will be back Wed. to check out your design wall.

Marie said...

Good luck with your penny pinching :) - beautiful fabrics in your star.

I am Just One Mom said...

I love that your hexie flower quilt is almost done, as it give my flowers hope for a quilted life someday!
And the money jar idea was how I motivated my sons to want to do laundry. Their father always left a few coins in his blue jeans for whom ever was emptying pockets prior to washing.
Or when there was a vacation we were saving our pennies for, everyone contributed, everyone benefitted!

Christine Feldstein said...

How lucky to have your hexies finished! I don't see the end of mine! Your fabrics are so pretty!

Sherry said...

If your husband does not want to damage his can he might try using a knife with a thin blade in the slot to help the coins come out. We used to have a bank that we needed to empty like that. It takes a while but saves the can. Good luck with the challenge.

Angela FlowersMoore said...

It's always nice to have hubby to go along with you in this challenge, nice team work.

Janet said...

Cute little piggy! A can that doesn`t open seems like the ideal way to save. I would probably get it full and still not open it. :)