Monday, July 14, 2014

a UFO from the last Millennium

 Yesterday I unearthed my oldest UFO, I think. 
Tucked away in this cute tin can were a few fat quarters of Kaffe Fassett woven stripes, a lot of already cutted diamonds, and a few finished stars.
 I know that I planned a quilt like this one from Kaffe's book Welcome Home, that was published in 1999. It must have been the same year when I started this project, because I remember having the tin with me and sewing the stars when we were in Denmark for the first time, and that was 1999, too.
15 years!'s time to work on it again, I think. The stars would make a great hand sewing project to take with me next month, when we are in Denmark again.
I sewed a few yesterday, and it was such a quick work, compared to the small hexagons. 
For the background I think I'll search for a nice blue Shot Cotton fabric.


Manuela said...

Hallo Steffi,

wunderschön sind deine Sterne und als Ufo viel zu schade.

LG Manuela

Christine Feldstein said...

Oh! Beautiful fabrics! Those stars will make a stunning quilt!

Janet said...

It will be so pretty once you finish it. :)

Julie said...

This will be so vibrant - I don't think I would have the patience to hand piece a quilt.