Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday WIPs

There was progress on three WIPs this week.
 I revived my hexie project during the last days.
It seems to be my summer hand sewing WIP that always comes out when the weather gets hot.
And it WAS hot over the long weekend!
 It's nicer to sit in the living room with a bit of hand sewing, than in the (hotter) sewing room.
So two new stars and two flowers are the results of the hot weather. Now I have 16 of the 20 stars, and 36 of the 50 flowers needed for the quilt. Not bad!
 Today it is cooler and nicely overcast, so I aired the whole apartment thoroughly - wonderful!
I must say that I really like this cooler weather much better.
I figured that I need 60 or 70 more squares to make my shirt quilt into a nice size. So I cutted these today.
And I sewed 24 out of the 36 "footballs" (or eyes) of the Pickle Dish quilt. (but not pressed them yet...)
So far it works really well, and my new Juki sews like a dream!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

these are all going to be so pretty and colorful. It is nice to have some hand work when the sewing room gets too hot!

Marsha Cooper said...

Love your hexies.
I keep looking at the blocks that are highlighting hexies. It really is making me want to get my box of hexies out to work on. I think I shall just do it!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Wow! I love all these projects you are working on! I agree EPP is a great hot weather project. Your shirt fabrics are really lovely. I like the way you call the eyelashes FootBalls!!