Monday, October 28, 2013

new Fabrics

This year I have not bought a lot of fabrics. Well, at least not nearly as much as last year. ;-)
But a few weeks ago I placed an order at Hawthorne Threads and last week I went to the customs office and collected my parcel.
 These are from a collection called Downtown. The design reminds me of Pearl Bracelet, but it is smaller.
 Here it is compared to the PB. I like both, but because I often make quilts with lots of quite small pieces, the Pearl Bracelet design is a bit on the big side for my taste. When cutted into small bits, the Downtown fabric will show more of it's design.
This is one of the multicolor prints of the same collection. Lovely, isn't it?
I also ordered a few pieces of Waterfront Park by Violet Craft (the designer of the fantastic Madrona Road),
and some dots from Out of this World. These are on sale. Two-tone fabrics like these are very useful, I think. 
Fun to receive a nice fat Flat Rate Envelope! :-)


Valerie Reynolds said...

Hey you know how much I like my happy mail...the collection from downtown looks fun. I might have to go order me some!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

very pretty! I said I wasn't going to get new fabric this unless I really needed it - well I guess I needed a lot because I have spent way more than I should have this year - so I guess next year I can't buy new fabric!

Sewing Mom said...

Awe, what lovely fabric! You definitely made the most out of your package...great job and nice selection! =)

Rachaeldaisy said...

Fabric parcels are the best!! I agree about pearl bracelets being too big sometimes. I've wished their was a smaller version and you've found it. I love the bird prints from Waterfront Park!