Monday, September 30, 2013

Thread Storage

Valerie of Val's Quilting Studio wrote a post about Thread Storage and asked how other bloggers store their sewing and quilting threads.
So here are a few pictures.
My machine sewing threads are in these candy glasses near my sewing machine.
These are not all cotton threads. A lot of them are polyester, from my clothes sewing days and for the dolls clothes I sometimes make.
My husband brought this huge plastic container home from work. It contained earplugs, and now it is perfect for my perle cotton threads. Actually I have two of them by now and divided the threads in blues/greens and yellows/reds/pinks/purples. That makes it easier to find the right color.
My hand sewing threads (YLI select - my favorite!) are in this cute sewing basket together with my other hand sewing stuff. I found the basket at a flea market once.


poppyinstitches said...

your threads are so well organised, makes my ikea pot look very messy!

Valerie Reynolds said...

Steffi...thanks for linking up! I love the "earplug" container. Also what do you use the really big spools of thread on top of the yellow drawers for???
Val from said...

Woah. I need more thread.

Rachaeldaisy said...

What a great thing to share. I've just been wondering how other people organise their threads. I seem to have mine all over the place, in little plastic containers or glass vases.