Saturday, August 24, 2013

more or less Fugly Fabrics

All the fabrics are on hold for Alyce and Barbara now!

It's time for Lucy's Fugly Fabric Party again!
And although I love 99% of my stash, I found a lot of Fuglys for you! Some were given to me by other quilters, and some are pieces I fell out of love with.
Let's start with something most of you would not consider fugly:
Mirror Ball Dot in a light green. Just not the right shade of green for me and I also don't like the silver print. Half yard, prewashed and a bit crinkly because I haven't pressed it.

 A children's fabric, navy blue background. Sorry, not pressed. 47"x22".

 Another kid's fabric. Two pieces, 16"x21" and 15"x48".

Some scraps, squares, rectangles and strips. 

A stack of Christmas Fabrics. Half yards or more, FQs, scraps in various sizes. Really nice fabrics, but I just don't like to sew Christmas projects. The two light pieces in the upper left hand corner are a heavy weight. I would leave these out if I ship the fabrics overseas to reduce shipping costs. They are really not nice for quilting.

I would love to swap all the above fabrics. Except for the Mirror Ball Dots I don't ask for the same amount of fabric in return. Just something small and nice. I prefer modern, bright fabrics or 1930s repros (but only flowers or geometrics, no novelties). I would also love men's cotton shirts for a shirt quilt I'm planning. Just make me an offer, I'm sure we'll find someting to swap.
I would ship worldwide, but please keep in mind that I live in Germany, so the shipping costs for you might be higher.

I also have a huge stack of 1930s reproduction novelty fabrics, but I'll make a second post for them tomorrow. Let me know if you would be interested in them, or in a specific color. They are all cute children's fabrics with cats, dogs, bunnies, kids etc. Typical 30s and really nice, but I just don't need so much of them. I only have one niece and she already has a quilt out of them.

Bei Lucy's Fugly Fabric Party kann man wieder ungeliebten Stoff loswerden! Das hat beim letzten Mal viel Spaß gemacht!
Schaut Euch die Bilder an, Maße stehen in inch dabei.
Ich würde die Stoffe am liebsten gegen andere Stoffe tauschen. Außer für das halbe Yard Mirror Ball Dots möchte ich nicht zwingend die gleiche Menge an Stoff zurück haben, sondern nur etwas nettes kleines. Ich mag moderne, kräftig bunte Stoffe, 30er Reproduktionen (hier aber keine mit Kindermotiven) oder ich würde auch sehr gerne gegen Herrenhemden oder Blusen aus Baumwolle tauschen, für meinen geplanten Hemdenquilt. Macht mir einfach ein Angebot, wir werden uns sicher einig!

Außer diesen Stoffen habe ich noch einen großen Stapel an 30er Repros mit Kindermotiven. Katzen, Hunde, Häschen, Kinder, etc. Wirklich süße Stoffe, aber ich brauche echt nicht so viele Kinderstoffe. Ich habe nur eine Nichte, und die hat schon einen Quilt daraus bekommen. Ich mache morgen einen zweiten Post dafür, aber lasst es mich gerne schon mal wissen, wenn Ihr Interesse daran habt, oder an einer bestimmten Farbe davon. Auch die würde ich gerne tauschen.


Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

I'd love the mirror ball dots and the quilting weight gold/white Christmas prints! Anything on my swap page you'd be interested in??

barb said...

I love all your fabrics. I hand piece and hand quilt and donate them to charity. My income is less than four hundred dollars monthly for disability, so buying fabric is not an option. Blessings, Barbara

Joyce Carter said...

I am very interested in the 1930 reproduction fabrics with the little animal prints. These are my favorite.

Rhonda D. said...

I am wanting to check out your 1930s
repro fabrics! I love them! thanks
for the chance!