Wednesday, January 2, 2013

first sewing of 2013

The first sewing project I worked on this year is an old one - my hexagon stars quilt. I neglected this poor WIP for too long.
On New Years Eve I took this project out and reviewed it.
So far I had 6 out of 20 stars and 15 out of 50 flowers. There was also one unfinished flower, some background hexies and strips of the background fabric.
Then I opened my 1930s stash cupboard and chose a couple of fabrics for the next flowers and stars.
 I did a little fussy cutting for a few of the pieces when it was possible with little waste.
 Now my project box is filled once again,
and I also finished that green flower.
I think for the next time this will be my hand sewing project in the evenings.


Grit said...

Der Quilt wird wunderschön. Und Hexagons machen ja süchtig.
Dein Stoffvorrat ist ja Klasse.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Thearica said...

You will have to come over to my blog and take part in the GFG sew along and linky party. I have just made a post about it. Too cool that you are reviving a GFG too! :)

Sharon said...

I haven't seen those set like stars before. Very pretty!

Sue said...

Very nice flowers! Oh this sure reminds me to get back at my hexies. Your box is just wonderful all filled up again:)

Hilachas said...

Oh, you're doing beautiful sewing. I'm so glad you got back to your hexies. I look forward to seeing what you come up with each week.

Live a Colorful Life said...

amazing hexies! And that is quite an extensive 30s stash!

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

Love the hexies and love your 30's stash!

Manuela said...

Das wird ein sehr schöner Quilt.
Ich liebe die 30er Jahre Stoffe.

Liebe Grüße

LuAnn said...

Your blocks are just beautiful, and your cupboard with your 30s fabrics is so neat and tidy. Love the pillows you made, too.

Karen said...

And, away you go!!! How wonderful it feels to visit a WIP.