Monday, January 21, 2013

a vintage Sewing Basket

 Years ago I bought this sewing basket at a flea market.
(By the way: is basket the right word even if it´s not actually a basket?)

It came with all these contents:
 Today I finally pulled it out of the closet and unpacked it.
There is a lot of darning thread,
 Buttons, really old wooden spools, a very used and worn tape measure, a tin of pins, a little chunky but cute pin cushion, and this green ribbon. My mother has these same ribbons from my grandmother, still wrapped around a stack of neatly folded linen bedsheets or dish towels.
I will keep all these treasures, but I took them out of the sewing basket and put my own sewing supplies into it so that I can finally use it like I planned when I bought it.

See the next star for my hexie Project? It´s nearly done! 
(the star, not the project)
I was thinking about the former owner of the basket. What was she sewing? Seems like she had a lot of darning to do, but the tape measure is so worn that she must have used it a lot. Maybe she sewed clothes for herself and her children?
I hope she would like the fact that her basket is in good use again.

PS: Welcome to my new followers! I hope you like it here. :-)


Cathi said...

What a wonderful sewing basket -- and all those old treasures in it too! That was a great find!

ShirleyC said...

I love finding sewing things that other people used. I also always wonder what they made, and it makes me sad that no one in the family wanted it, or either there was no one to hand it down to.

Kathie said...

love that sewing basket its a treasure!
love your hexes...and the star ones are amazing

KREASOLI said...

Liebe Steffi, ich wurde durch Nana aufmerksam,

leider ist mein Englisch nicht mehr so geschmeidisch ;), aber ich sehe einen wunderschönen Nähkasten mit Inhalt, einen ähnlichen hatte ich auch erstanden, und er erinnert mich, daß ich ihn mal zweckentfremdet bestücken wollte.;)

Du machst so tolle Sachen(!); was ich in der Kürze gesehen habe, gefällt mir sehr! Du hast einen eigenen Stil und das finde ich besonders lobenswert.

Bei Gelegenheit schaue ich mal intensiver rein.

Bis dann,