Sunday, December 30, 2012

new Cutting Table

On Friday we went to IKEA and I finally got my long awaited cutting table!
Yesterday Michael assembled it and we placed it in my studio. Look!
 See that brown dining table on the right? That was my old cutting table. I love it because it´s the more than 40 years old first dining table my parents bought when they were just married, but it always made my back hurt when cutting more than a few pieces.
 Look, the new table is 7 1/2" higher! That is such a difference! I am not very small at 175 cm / 5´9" so I am SO VERY happy to have this new higher table now! And the price was okay, too.
(see that stack of fabrics? my cyber monday sales purchases) ;-)

Here are a few pictures from Christmas:
 Mom and Dad with their blue star pillows,

 and MIL with the cream and brown pillows. She kept one of them on her lap for the rest of the evening, so I think she really likes it. (please excuse the bottles in the foreground)
I have no pictures of the other recipients, but I think they also liked their gifts. :-)

And finally, the tree skirt in action.

I wish you all a happy, wonderful, healthy, successful and quilty New Year 2013!!!


Aoife O'Halloran said...

Oh, congrats on the new cutting table! That's my dream. I'm using my parents dining table at the moment, and actually put my back out at the start of December when I did a marathon of cutting. So woop for you! And lovely to see pictures of people loving their new cushions :) Happy New Year to you too!

Mimi said...

You can get leg risers at Container Store that will raise the table - heck I put them on chairs that are too low for my legs to boot me up. Just hate to see a great table sitting there.

Karen said...

How lovely is your studio... good for you, in making this "a better fit"... can't wait to see how you repurpose your parent's table... when I was a lot younger, and my grandfather passed, I had no where to put some furniture that I was really fond of, and so gave it to a good friend of mine who was like his other daughter... now, 20 years later, she still has it, and has done some really creative things with it...

Marie said...

LOVE your new table! I've been contemplating a similar purchase. Sometimes I cut at the island in the kitchen because it's a better height - your back will love you for it.