Tuesday, June 19, 2012

400 Squares

 Whenever I had some time during the last days, I cutted squares (between de-cluttering, sorting, packing for our move...)
I hope to have enough now to make a quilt similar to this one from Hadley (Flying blind...).
The pattern is Sarah Fielke´s Made in Cherry (free pattern).
I even got the same background fabric that Hadley used - I really love it!
Now I have around 400 squares and I hope it will be enough. I cutted them 3 1/2" and I plan to make a quilt approx. 80" square.
I can tell you, I would LOVE to start sewing just now. But there´s so much to do that I really can´t do that.
Thank you Hadley for allowing me to "copy" your quilt!!!

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Flying Blind... said...

Good luck - don't let it drive you too crazy getting them all in the right place x