Thursday, March 15, 2012

a beautiful Morning

What a nice day! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it feels a lot like spring!
It´s also my mum´s birthday today. 
The house smells like marzipan and vanilla because I´m baking a cake for her.
 And this is her birthday block this year. From time to time we make each other blocks and collect them.
This one is quite small, 6 3/4" without the border. It was fun to sew.
A few weeks ago, when I was ill with a cold, my dear hubby bought a wonderful gift for me. It is a little netbook that I can use in the living room or even in bed. So I don´t have to go upstairs where the computer stands (it´s pretty cold there in winter because the room has no heating).
Look at it, isn´t it pretty? It´s yellow and white and I LOVE it.

 Now I made a case for it. I used grey and yellow scraps for the flap and a grey text fabric from the Sunkissed line.

 I added a little bit of hand quilting to the flap with yellow perle cotton.
I plan to attach two D-rings to the case and make a strap with two hooks so that I can turn the case into a bag when I want to carry the netbook with me. But I need to buy the rings and hooks first.


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Happy Birthday to your mum!
Cute block and love the sunshiney case :)

karenfae said...

always nice to be able to get on line in a nice warm room! I love my lap top, I imagine a "netbook" is a bit smaller and easy to bring room to room.

Millie said...

Steffi, it's great! The block you made for your Mom is gorgeous!

Sue said...

What a pretty block you've made. I love it.
How thoughtful and sweet of your husband to get you that pretty and sunny notebook. I love the cover you've made for it too!

Gina said...

Both the block and cover are fantastic! Happy birthday to your Mom!

Janet said...

I hope your Mum had a wonderful birthday. The small block is lovely. The notebook looks so dressed up! It's a great idea.