Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thimble Talk

Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville has a Linky Party this week, and it is all about thimbles.
So I want to show you my favorite.

This one from Clover I like best. It is adjustable and leaves room for a longer nail.
I bought it in size M and it was a little bit too big. It also "painted" my finger green when I quilted a little longer. So I lined it with a scrap of very thin suede, and now it´s perfect.

 This one is also from Clover, the leather thimble with the metal "coin". I used it before I got the metal thimble, but it was not perfect because I tend to push the needle a bit sideways and not with the middle of the coin. You can see that the leather is worn on one side.
But I still love it for thread basting. For some reason basting is the only thing that I cannot do with the metal thimble.
Hop over to Quiltville for a lot of interesting thimble stories!

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