Thursday, February 9, 2012

Help...Fabric Search

Dear blogging friends! 
I am searching for this fabric and I hope that somebody can help me.
It is from the "Aunt Grace through the Year" line (Marcus Brothers) and a few years old. I think this was the March design (St. Patricks Day). I only have a little bit of it and I would LOVE to get more. I would happily pay for it or trade for another fabric from my big 30s reproduction collection. Maybe you are searching for a special fabric, too?
Please leave me a comment if you can help me. I would be so happy!

If you want to take part in my giveawy please see this post.
And if you are interested in more giveaways and fabric swaps, visit Lucys Fugly Fabric Party - so much fun there!


Susie said...

Did you try calling them? Their website is I was able to find an old fabric just by calling them last year. Good luck!

RETRO-Fabulous Blog said...

I think I may have a scrap of this somewhere. I am pretty sure I used a cream background version on the Dear Jane and didn't want to repeat a similar pattern.....will dig & get back to you.
I pestered Judie & her wonderful husband Bob about a fabric & eventually they located some for me. They are THE BEST!! =)

RETRO-Fabulous Blog said...

I have a tiny piece & you are of course, welcome to it. Sent an email. =) Heather

SassyCathy said...

Hi Steffi - I did get the Scotty dog fabric and I LOVE it! I sent an e-mail to you - but guess it did not reach you.
Thank you so much for trading with me.
Hope your Hubby is all better now and things are going well.
I am on the lookout for the Clover Fabric - no luck yet.
I did send an e-mail to a site where I saw it listed - but they did not reply - at least not yet and it's been a few weeks since I tried to contact them.
So good to hear from you.
Thank you,
Cathy Byrd