Monday, February 13, 2012

Giveaway Winners!

Here are the winners of the three novelty fabric bundles!!!

I am at my sister-in-law´s old laptop at the moment because our computer don´t want to work yet.
So everything is a bit slow, but I am thankful to be online at all.

I drew the three winners with the random number generator, but I don´t know how to put the images you just have to trust me. :-)

Ok, drumroll please:

# 18, Gill

#25, Jessica @ Plum Patchwork

#108, Lisa Cox

Congratulations to you three! I´ll send you an email soon! :-)

Thank you for all your lovely comments - I wish I had a bundle of fabrics for everyone of you!


Lisa Cox said...

Woohoo! Thank you!

Jessie @ Messy Jesse said...

ooowww I didn't win ! such a shame, thanks for the opportunity anyway :) Would you be interested in a fabric swap maybe? similar to the ones you were giving away? I may have something you might like :)
Jessie, xo

Erin @ Billy Button Design said...

Lisa lucky duck