Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fabric Swap anyone?

only the Galaxy fabric is still available for swap.The turtles and planes will go to Kathy soon!

In addition to my giveaway below I also have some more fabrics that need a new home.
Would you like to swap? :-)
The fabrics below I would like to trade. These are quite different to my usual taste.
I bought them some years ago and planned to sew something for my former boyfriend. But then we broke up and I forgot the fabrics for a while.
As you can see, he liked turtles and everything space related. So maybe you have a son, husband, friend etc who would like a quilt, a pillow or a bag for his sportswear...or YOU love turtles and want to make a quilt for yourself. My plan was to collect as much different turtle fabrics as I could find. I bought these four before we separated...

 this was one yard but I cutted out one 17" x 17" piece for a pillow

 1/4 yard piece

 17" x 26" piece

 1/2 yard piece

Galaxy fabric with glitter:
 1/2 yard piece

different aeroplanes etc:
 this was one yard but I cutted out one 17" x 17" piece for a pillow

If you would like one or more of them, please leave me a comment. I don´t want the same amount of fabric for them, just something nice and small. I like bright modern fabrics and could use a bit more in yellow, orange, purple, dark blue or green,
or 1930s repros (would prefer florals here, see my last post).

I also love scraps if they are big enough, so just make me an offer. I would be happy if these fabrics would come to a good use at last. I happily send these beauties worldwide, but keep in mind that I live in Germany. Depending on your location your shipping costs for the swap fabric could be a bit higher.

Please visit my last post with the GIVEAWAY too and leave me a comment for a chance to win one of three fabric packs!


kathy said...

I like all the turtles and especially the airplane fabric. Which I already own some of but more is better? Right?
Now I have to think of some modern bright colors to swap back at you.
I will go give it some thought and get back to you.

kathy said...

MY immediate - read glaring - fuglis are not modern or bright. Back to wrestling fabric to see if there is anything I got that could pursuade you to part with turtles or airplanes.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

These are a bit fugly in my book!! The giveaway fabrics are totally gorgeous though :)
Thanks so much for linking up and I hope you get to have a fun swap with these ones!

Rachel said...

Hello...If it doesn't work out with the gal above I would love to talk about all of the turtles and the airplanes :-) Thanks!!

lesthook said...

This has nothing to do with the lovely fabrics but could you tell me how you quilted your grandmothers flower garden quilt? I made one ,gosh it was 9 years ago! And I need to quilt it this year,LOL!

Barbara said...

Would love to win. corbitt56@gmail.com

Katie said...

these are pretty bad!! congratulations! hahahaha ;c) I think have some similar to this. ;c) I don't want entered
Thanks for sharing though!

creativeinstincts said...

Would love the airplane fabric or any of the turtle fabrics...can trade for Indian fabrics shown here;

or any olours that you have named. i live in India.

Daisy Delight said...

Hello, I live in the United States and am very interested in the airplane fabric you had back in February. They have all sold out here!! Would you by chance know how to get ahold of even a small piece of it? I wanted to make a pillow. My email address is: lightrani@hotmail.com.