Thursday, January 19, 2012

organizing my stash

It´s a quiet time here at the moment. I am reorganizing my sewing room, trying to ged rid of things I don´t need any more, and trying to make room for the things I really need.
These fabrics (only part of my stash, I must confess) were on the floor under my cutting table for the last months. Now I found a better place for them.

(note to myself: I still need more green and orange!)
Last Sunday we visited this beautiful old water mill.
The weather was so nice, sunny and cool, but not too cold.
Today it is dark grey and rainy. Perfect for rummaging around in my room a bit more.


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Wow!! That's a LOT of fabric!! I'm hosting a fabric party on my blog at the beginning of February if you'd like to join in:

The pictures of the mill are fantastic! We have a similar one nearby that we like to visit :)

Martha said...

Wow! No wonder you're "Candy Quilts" -- your fabrics look like colorful candies.

Lovely photos, Steffi. We're in the middle of an ice storm, so I wish I could transport myself to that beautiful mill.

Katherine said...

Like a wonderful dream, seeing all those gorgeous fabrics!

Love your photos of the old water mill. Looks like a quaint and charming setting.

karenfae said...

beautiful fabric and scenery. I find that there are some colors I need more of too - but I really must use up some that I have first before buying more.