Friday, January 27, 2012

love the new Selvages

The new selvage designs are so beautiful!
Different fonts on the Free Spirit fabrics, a LOT of japanese fans on the Good Fortune selvages, little hearts at Pam Kitty Morning, small Flowers at Domestic Bliss and scissors at Cape Ann.
The selvages become more and more interesting and worth doing something beautiful with them.
I save and store them all for a special project.
Do you remember these old ones?
Barbara Brackman once wrote "you know that your fabric is old when there´s no www-adress on the selvage". OK, then I have some really old fabrics! :-)


Melody said...

So true, selvages are beautiful these days

SassyCathy said...

Ha ... yes it is SO true! I have some oldies too. :-) Smiles
I have the same odd feeling when I look at some of my OLDIE magazines and see the advertisements and NO internet info at all.
It's like the twilight zone!
Laughing at myself.
Nostalgic Vintage Yummy Good