Monday, October 24, 2011


Look what my sister made for me!
Isn´t this just beautiful?
I LOVE granny squares, but I cannot crochet.
But I am lucky to have a sister who is the queen of knitting, crocheting and everything else where one or more needles and a ball of wool is involved. Seems that she got all the talent for this and there was nothing left for me. :-)
Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am left handed.?
I´m not sad about it. My medium is fabric, and as long as I receive gifts like this, I have nothing to complain.
Wish you all a nice week!


Martha said...

What a lovely gift, Steffi -- the pattern and the color selection are gorgeous. Clearly, there are two talented girls in this family

Christine said...

Just beautiful, but sorry I am left handed and crochet and knit, big smile.......

I guess you don't have to learn with your sister making beautiful gifts for you.. enjoy

Becky~ said...

That is gorgeous.

Karen said...

Very, very pretty!

Khris said...

This is beautiful...I love it...but cant crochet very well...hugs Khris