Saturday, July 9, 2011

Which Quilt Pattern?

I am still not sure about how to quilt the Grandmother´s Flower Garden.
The classic pattern would be to outline quilt every single hexagon. This would match the reproduction fabrics for a good old fashioned look. It is the pattern you see on most antique flower garden quilts. But with roughly 2,500 hexagons I am afraid it would take ages to finish. Pro: no quilting through the seam allowances.

The second idea is to follow the shapes of the flowers. More continuous quilting lines, but I have to go through the seam allowances. Still a quite classical look, I think.

Third: a sort of free-form flower. Well, not exactly like in the pciture, but you get an idea. It´s not so easy to draw with the Paint program. ;-)
This would be a more modern look, in contrast to the old fashioned fabrics.
I am not sure wether I like this contrast or not.

Question of the week: what would you do???


Martha said...

I like #2, Steffi. It has an old-fashioned look to it, but I think it works better than #1 with the little diamond path pieces. To me, #3 looks more like a machine quilting solution.

Whatever you decide, I know it's going to be beautiful -- it's such an amazing quilt.

ann hermes said...

I like choice #2 the best.

LuAnn said...

I have a Quiltmania magazine with a hexagon quilt with an applique' center. They started at one of the points of a hexagon and then started quilting off in a diagonal direction. It's kind of interesting, but I think for yours I would do choice 2. I think all of the straight lines would be more fun. I would like to see a table runner with that 3rd quilting design sometime though. I think it would be very pretty.

Janet said...

I like #2 as well, it'll be wonderful. I'm guessing you're machine quilting it which makes the choices a bit different from hand quilting.

Anne-Mette said...

Well, I agree with the 4 quilters beore me. I think # 2 is working very well.
Liebe Grüsse aus dem Norden,

Rachel said...

As a new follower, I will take a risk and say I love number 2...but I also love number 1...Just a thought...What if you quilted the purple flowers in Number 2 and the white ring in number 2? (Yes, I am good at complicating things, thank you...LOL!!)

Anne said...

Ditch #1, it's too traditional. #2 is nice and is a possibility. Personally, I like the idea behind #3 - it seems to soften everything and adds more interest.

Ann Marie said...

Free form like in the last picture.

Minka's Studio said...

How about #2 around the purple flowers and then make a giant hexagon by stitching through the center of the white hexagons that make the white rings. Hope that makes sense.

Chartreuse Moose said...

I found it interesting that you also are battling for an idea for quilting your Grandmother's Flower Garden! I've several traditional flower garden thought something new/fun/different might be my choice for the couple unfinished tops I inherited. It may not happen I have plenty of time to keep thinking and doodling! Happy Stitching!