Sunday, June 19, 2011

two long forgotten WIPs

Look what I found today! :-)
We were at my parents´ house to water the plants today, because they are on a holiday trip.
I went to my mum´s sewing room where still are a lot of fabrics from me, too. Ahem, the truth is that I have sort of two stashs, my beloved 30s and Fassetts and all the newer fabrics are here in my own studio, and the older fabrics that I bought more than 10 years ago are at my mum´s.
Well, today I took some of them home with me, and rolled into some yards of muslin I found these two little doll quilt parts that mum and me started years ago.
Mum did all the appliqué and embroidery, and I did the cutting. The plan was that my Mum wanted to finish them, the green one with the cats for my sister, and the blue one with the Sunbonnet Sues for me.
Well, my mum loves appliqué and embroidery, but she is not the world´s greatest patchwork seamstress, and so this WIP was put away...and that was that.
Look at the cute little details!
The blocks are quite small, only a bit more than 3 inches (8 cm) square.

I think that I will finish the tops now, and then I´ll ask my mother if she wants to quilt them or if she wants me to do it. I´m really looking forward to seeing my little Sunbonnet girls finished and on the wall together with my other doll quilts.

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MaryLu said...

What a pretty appliqued quilt. I love 1930's prints too.
A happy surprise at Mum's house!