Friday, June 17, 2011

Quilt Show in Rüdesheim

I promised you some pictures of the quilt show we visited last weekend in Rüdesheim, so here they are.
Nice pictorial quilts!

If you look closely, you can see some seahorses here.

Lotus leafes in all shades of green.

A beautiful Baltimore Album.

I liked the amish colors of this ninepatch.

Beach, water, and striped towels. :-) I liked the idea!

This was stunning, too.

A lot of fish! ( or as my little niece said: fich fich fich)

These irregular hexagons were very interesting.

This was Michael´s favorite.

Very nice three dimensional poppys!

Flowers in rainbow colors.

I love all these aqua shades and the water lilys.

When we came back to our car, we met this curious cat. As soon as the door was open, she was inside the car. :-)

I also found the green solid I wanted in the booth section. The first shop was very expensive - €18 for a meter of Kona Cotton solid, that is more than $20, wow! I then bought it at another booth for €10 per meter. That still is more than I would pay at an US online store, even with the shipping costs and customs duty included. But I wanted it right away, and I only bought half a meter for my hexagon flowers. There are so many different shades of green solids that I wanted to see it in person and to match it to my printed fabrics.

The fabrics were generally quite expensive - between €16 and 18 a meter. So I bought only a few small pieces as souvenirs. You know how this is, even after years you look at a fabric and know where you bought it.
I am really very grateful for the online shops! Otherwise I could not afford to buy the fabrics I want. So please, american quilters, don´t be upset about the current fabric prices, I know they rose a bit, but they still are sooo much cheaper than here in Europe. ;-) Please keep us poor european quilters in mind!


Clare said...

Love the Beach Hut and Towels quilt.

I Hear you about fabric prices!

Minka's Studio said...

I love the beach quilt and the red under-the-sea quilt! I never would have thought of that color but it works so well...really giving the dappling light effect. Cute tiger fish! Thanks for posting.