Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a Lot of Basting

Everytime I want to baste a quilt, I have to pull my table out of it´s corner and place it in the middle of my sewing room. So I usually wait until I have more than one quilt to baste so that it is worth the mess.
This time I have three big quilts and three small wall quilts. A lot of basting work.
Years ago I basted my very first big quilt on the floor - it was the only one. Ever since that time I used a table for basting. I find it very much more comfortable. The only problem is that sometimes the backing and/or the batting slides away before you can put the top onto it, especially when the quilt is much bigger than the table. This is particularly annoying with a pieced back or a striped backing fabric that should align with the top.
A few days ago I saw this post over at Stash Manicure. What a great idea, and so easy!

I immediately bought these clips, and what can I say? I am thrilled with the result. You can keep the layers in place very easy, they stay where they should, nothing shifts away. Total control!
I managed to baste two of the big quilts in two days now, and hopefully will baste the third one tomorrow - the huge Grandmother´s Flower Garden. Wish me luck for this monster! :-)

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Martha said...

I can hardly believe how prolific you've been lately, and how you can stand to baste all those quilts back-to-back. I could never do more than one at a time.

The postage stamp quilt clamped for basting is just beautiful -- I love looking at all your tiny pieces and how you placed them.