Friday, June 10, 2011

All my bags are packed...

...I´m ready to go...
Well, I am not leaving on a jet plane, we only visit my sister and little niece for a long weekend.

I cutted out some hexagons to take along. Don´t know if I will have time to sew, but if so, I´m prepared. All the sewing supplies fit very good into this little plastic container from the big swedish furniture shop. I have more of these, in different colors, they are just perfect for threads, spools, ribbons, buttons...
They are sold in packs of three, for a very reasonable price, in the children´s department, if you are interested. ;-)

In the little plastic bag are a few green scraps...I need a matching solid green.
We will visit the "Patchworktage" in Rüdesheim, an annual event in Germany with quilt shows, booths from patchwork shops, etc. I hope to find the right green there. And I´m looking forward to seeing a lot of beautiful quilts!
Of course I´ll take the camera with me to show you some pics next week! ;-)

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