Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a little Souvenir

When we were in Denmark last August, I visited a few patchwork shops. In one of them I bought a japanese quilting book. I love the japanese books, they are full of cute little details and beautiful projects. And the instructions with all the little drawings are so good that you can follow them without understanding only one word.
I liked this little case for sewing notions so much that I wanted to start it immediately. So I took the fabrics I just bought and made the templates from the box of our breakfast cereals (chocolate) :-).
I came this far, and then the holiday trip was over and the unfinished pieces stayed in my sewing box until now.
I really think I have to finish this! When I look at the fabrics, I can see all the beautiful towns we visited and remember the good days we had.
The light background fabric is a very nice cotton sateen that I found in the scrap basket of a fabric shop in Aabenraa. The purples come from a cute little shop in Skaerbaek with the most friendly and nice owner, Lis, who invited me to quilt with her group one evening.
It was such a nice holiday trip, and I think that I will remember it every time I´ll use this case in the future.


Jessica said...

this is adorable!! can you please share the ISBN# on the japanese book?

LuAnn said...

Cute sewing kit. I have a Japanese quilt book that I bought on ebay. I can't read a word either, but the photos are great for inspiration.

Janet said...

It's going to turn out gorgeous. I even have trouble with the drawings in the japanese books.

Martha said...

I agree, Steffi -- I love those Japanese books, and I am lucky to be able to buy them at Japanese bookstores here in Seattle.

That little sewing case pattern perfect, and you always pick the cutest fabrics.