Thursday, May 26, 2011

Candy Sticks Quilt

When Michael and me went outside to take some pictures of my double wedding ring quilt for the blogger´s quilt festival, I also took my candy sticks quilt with me to photograph it, too.
I tried it a few times in the past, but the yellow came out wrong each time. It´s difficult to get it right, and I don´t know why.
In reality it is such a nice color, a soft buttery yellow. The last picture shows it best, I think.
The quilt is almost 10 years old now and I use it a lot on my bed. It features my all time favorite 30s reproductions, a lot of older Aunt Grace fabrics here.

( Wow...the first Aunt Grace fabric line by Judie Rothermel came out in 1991! Can you believe it? That means this year we can celebrate the 20th anniversary!!! Let´s hope for a nice new line.)
This was the second time I used a fan quilt pattern, and I remember that the hand quilting went quite quick. The top is machine pieced, and I did it in one weekend during a quilt retreat.
Once again dear Michael helped me by holding the quilts until his arms hurted. Thank you darling for being such a good friend. I love you!
♥ ♥
(This is another typical picture...he carries not only his bag, but mine too, when I get tired...I have a wonderful husband!)


LuAnn said...

Hi Steffi Your quilt is wonderful! I have quite a few 30s fabrics. Your quilt makes me want to get them out and work on the quilt I have started. I have a husband that holds my quilts for photos, too. It sure makes it nice when we have husbands that support our hobby, doesn't it?

Martha said...

Steffi, this is such a sweet quilt. Love the yellow background (my favorite), and the cute repro fabrics. I have always loved the Baptist fan quilting pattern, and it is just perfect for this design. Great job!

Sueann said...

Did you design the pattern for this or is it commercially available? I'm a '30's kind of girl, too and would love to make one of these. If you could tell me the designer's name, I should be able to find it. Thanks!