Monday, January 10, 2011

I´m a Guest Blogger at Stash Manicure today!

Wow, I´m really happy that Madame Samm invited me to write about my miniature quilts! Makes me so proud! :-)

If you are already a follower of my blog, you know my little mini quilts, but here is the post anyway:

Hello quilting friends, this is Steffi from Steffi´s Candy Quilts in Germany, and today I want to show you what to do with your small scraps.
Let me first tell you a bit about me: I love quilting, and I also love my doll´s house, and so one day I thought that it would be nice to combine the two hobbies and started to sew miniature quilts. It was also a challenge, I wanted to see if it´s possible to sew very small patchwork blocks and quilts. And it works!

My quilts are approx. 1/10th scale and most of them are made using the foundation paper piecing method. I´m sure most of you know this technique. Sewing precise little patchwork blocks without paper piecing is almost impossible, so we have to start with drafting the blocks onto paper, or print them out using Electric Quilt or another patchwork design program. The calculation is quite easy, it´s just 1/10th of the scale you are used to.
Then we need our small scraps. Depending on the pattern you choose, you can use scraps as small as ¾ inch square and bigger. I store mine in boxes, sorted by color, and when it´s time to do a new mini quilt, I just pull them out and play!
Here are a few pieces in progress. The Chinese Coins pattern is very easy and a good beginner´s choice. I normally use checked graph paper for this and simply use the lines as a guide for the piecing. Log Cabin, Flying Geese and Square in a Square are also good choices for mini quilts.

Use a small stitch length when sewing onto a paper foundation, so it´s easier to tear the paper away.

You can also sew in small scale by hand! This little Flower Garden was made using a good oldfashioned cardboard template and tiny hand stitches.

Miniature quilts have some advantages:
They are so small that you can sew all the quilts you ever dreamt of without getting storage problems! And because you can use the smallest of scraps, you don´t have to buy any materials. It doesn´t matter if the fabrics are ugly. The pieces are so small that you cannot see the patterns.
Most of my minis don´t have a batting - all the sewing allowances do the job.
On the other hand, the many seams make quilting a little difficult. I prefer to do only a bit of quilting in the free background areas or in the sashing.

Here are a few impressions from my doll´s house to show you what I´m doing with my mini quilts. But you can also frame them, use them as little wallhangings or display them with your favorite doll or teddy bear...

I hope you´ll have a lot of fun sewing your own small quilts! And I would love to see them and to hear from you, so please visit me at my blog!
Thank you, Madame Samm, for inviting me, I feel very honored to write here!


Martina said...

Sind echt toll deine Minis und toll aufgemacht mit dem Pupenhaus! Super!

Janet said...

I'm amazed and stunned at how wonderful these minatures are and the dolls house is incredible to see. Thank you for the visual delight.

Melody said...

These are amazing and beautiful and you are so clever. Thank you so much for sharing, I loved seeing your work.

Quilter Kathy said...

I enjoyed reading your post on Stash Manicure. Love your mini quilts. I like to make minis but not as small as yours! How fun!

Tressa said...

Wow! You are amazing!

Girltwin64 said...

I am still haivng trouble believing how tiny these are!! I see them but just can't fathem how perfect they are! I would love to hold one in my hand! You are so talented! Truly AMAZING!!

Rita said...

Your quilts are amazing :D I´m also a quilter and a miniaturist and it`s always fun to meet/read about others with the same interest as my self.
I will come back for sure :D

Micki said...

Love your miniature quilts, esp. when they are in that amazing doll house.

Chartreuse Moose said...

Wonderful! I'd never thought of making such tiny quilts...but you may have just "infected" me with the fever to start! Thank you! ;-) Can't wait to put a few "tinys" together...and display them in surprising places around my home! Hugs and happy stitching!

Eco-Crazy Quilter said...

Lovely little quilts. I live in a very small house and this inspires me. I love hand stitching.