Thursday, November 4, 2010

only one little Flower... blooming this week.
It was a slow and lazy week. My cold is still there, but it´s better now. I kept everything as cool and slow as I could because I wanted to get rid of this damn cold.
Michael is still at home, too, because of his hurt hand. Although I love to spend so much time with him, on the other hand I never get a lot of things done when he´s here all day. You know how this is, don´t you? ;-)

This Saturday our niece celebrates her first birthday. I made this funny toy for her. I bought the pattern and the foam cubes in Danmark this summer. There it is called "Umulius", that means "Impossibility" in english. You can turn it over and over, and each side shows a different fabric. I chose six different animal motivs.
A lot to look at for a little one, I hope.
Aren´t these sheep adorable?
It took some time to sew it and you have to watch out to put all the pieces in the right order, but the result is worth it.
Go over and visit Martha! She was VERY productive this week with her version of the hexagon star quilt.


Brigitte said...

What a great present and teaching tool.

Karen said...

A very pretty flower and what a great toy!

Linda said...

I just adore the block that can be turned over and under etc. Do you have the pattern? Or perhaps where I can find it? I have nine grandchildren and this would be a great gift for them and for the elderly folks that need like a stress ball...
Please help if you can,
Linda J

Sandi said...

Hi, Steffi,

I would so much like to have the pattern for these blocks for my grandchildren, also. Unfortunately, I have looked all over the web for a pattern and have not found a single thing. Can you tell me where to locate the pattern? I would so much appreciate it, please and thank you.


Polka Dot Classic said...

I would love to see if I can find the pattern for that adorable toy.
Do you know where I can find the pattern?
Thank you in advance