Thursday, October 14, 2010

a gift to myself

Look what I bought!!! :-)
I was not able to resist any longer after reading so many good things about the Accuquilt Go! fabric cutter. It arrived here last Friday, just a few minutes before we had to leave the house for my sister-in-law´s wedding. So I had no chance to try it last weekend.
But today I locked myself in the sewing room and cutted a lot of squares. In addition to the die that comes with the cutter, I also bought the 2" squares die that cuts 6 squares at a time. You can cut up to 6 layers of fabric at once, so you have 36 nice squares in one cut, and it works very good!
I never was a fan of rotary cutting. I do it, but I try to keep it to a minimum, because my hands and wrists always start to hurt very quickly.
So I dreamed of Triple Irish Chain Quilts, Postage Stamp Quilts and Trips around the World, but always dreaded the cutting of hundreds of the little pieces.
Look - a nice stack of squares in little time!
The waste is not soo big if you are careful with the placing of the fabrics. For me it´s ok - at least my hands are totally fine!
Here is a first block that I made today. I´m very pleased with it so far.

Look at this quilt! It is from the book "Treasures from Yesteryear", Volume II, from Sharon Newman. I admired it for years and I think that I´ll make a version of it some day now that I can cut out all the little triangles with the Accuquilt. :-)


Hen said...

I had a look at the Accuquilt at the Knitting and Stitching Show last Friday so I'll be interested to see what you think of it. Your quilt looks very pretty so far.
Hen x

Meredith said...

I never thought of it in the way you described. That it could help with the pain of cutting with a rotary cutter. I am glad you like it. The squares look great. That quilt would be fun to make.

Brigitte said...

I think you've convinced me the cutter the way to go about cutting squares.

Highland Monkey's said...

Wow thats a lot of squares you can cut at one time. Sounds like a good gadget.

Pam said...

Will you use it to cut hexagons, too??