Sunday, September 12, 2010

a Julie Bag for me!

During the weekend I sewed a Julie bag just for me! Last year I made one for my sister as a Christmas gift, and since then I wanted one, too.
I used my favorite colors, blue and purple, in a combination of cotton quilting fabrics and denim. (I´m a jeans girl!) :-)

All the fabrics except the lining are from my stash. I just decided to use my stash better and more often. What use has a fabric when it´s lying in my cupboard for years? My stash is there for me to use and not only to admire! (Tough words, eh? We´ll see how far I´ll come with this decision.)
But I needed almost half a yard of lining fabric and had no big enough piece in a matching color, so I bought this nice blue and white dot.
From the leftovers I made this little wallet. It´s very quick and easy to do!
In the last days of our holiday trip our old camera broke down. So we had to buy a new one. Isn´t she cool? And PURPLE! (yes, she is definitively a SHE) So she needed a new case, and of course a purple one. :-)
(Oh, and notice my cool new ironing board cover!)

Tomorrow we´ll go to the Netherlands to visit a quilt exhibition! I´m very excited and I hope for some good photos to show you!

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Janet said...

I love your bag, it's so nice and squishy looking and it has lots of pockets. The wallet and the camers case are great too, it's fun doing small projects. I'll look forward to some quilt show photos.