Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shirts, Shirts, Shirts!

Look at that! A lot of nice shirts that my sister´s boyfriend sorted out over the years.
I always wanted to make a shirt quilt, and so they gave them to me for sewing! :-)
I don´t really have the space to store them, but I love them anyway. And I actually hope that I can add a few more to the pile when we are in Danmark next month - the Danish have wonderful thrift stores!
Now I´ll quickly return to the living room! Far too hot here at the computer - I´m almost melting! So back to my growing lavender field of flowers, I hope to add another row to them today! Have a nice weekend and stay cool!


Janet said...

You are lucky to get those shirts, they are something I'd be turning into a quilt as well. I hope you get some nice cool breezes soon to give you some relief.

Martha said...

You can never have too many shirting fabrics -- for a shirt quilt, or as backgrounds in many different blocks. It's especially nice when someone gives them to you.

Chartreuse Moose said...

What a treasure! Aren't you just bubbling with ideas now...all the ways you can use this "found" stash! Have fun!