Friday, July 16, 2010

I´m back!

Hello friends! I had an unplanned break from blogging and internet, because we had a virus on our computer. It destroyed Windows, so that we couldn´t use it any longer.
Very annoying to have an updated anti virus program, and the virus can do so much damage anyway.
But each cloud has a silver lining: we´re back online, and we also have a brand new computer. Our old one was quite slow and a bit overstrained. I´m very surprised how much quicker the new one works! That´s amazing!
Now we have to re-install all our programs, that´s the boring part of it. So no pictures today.
I really missed the computer! No blogging and looking to YOUR blogs, no e-mails, no browsing through my favorite online fabric shops late at night before I go to bed.
Instead of this, I made good progress with my lavender flowers. I cutted out all missing pieces and started to sew the ten half flowers. And I joined the first five rows of flowers, so that now almost half of the top is sewn together. I hope to show it to you next wednesday!
Now I have to go and try to find my image editing software...bye!

1 comment:

Miri said...

Glad you're back!

I'm so impressed with your lavender flower garden...loved seeing how you're sewing them. The mini dollhouse quilt is just beautiful and so is your wonderful dollhouse! The details are just fantastic...even the cat!