Friday, June 18, 2010

Pimp my Bag

Some time ago Michael and I bought two of these trekking bags. Because they looked totally alike, we had problems to know which bag belongs to him and which belongs to me. Michael simply solved the problem by adding tow little pins to his bag. (you know, these colorful little metal pins)
I still wanted to make my bag a bit more special.
I bought this fabric on ebay a few weeks ago. When it arrived, I was a little shocked, because the colors are so much brighter than in the ebay picture. But nevertheless I like it somehow. I cutted out the two flowers and ironed them onto the flap of the bag using Fliesofix (wonder under).
Because I never trust a fabric glue :-) , I then started to sew freehand circles over the flowers. It was my very first attempt with my brand new darning foot, and I liked it a lot! How much fun! I ended up using three different thread colors and made not only circles but also leafes. Well, this is definitively not a piece of high art, the stitch lengths are very uneven, but I had a good time doing it.
Now this is MY bag! :-)
I also made a padded sleeve for the strap by using some fabric from my stash, a scrap of batting and some velcro.


Jackie said...

Steffi, I love it!! What a terrific idea for making it your own.

Martha said...

Very clever, Steffi -- I love projects like this that are both functional and pretty.

jilly said...

Oh you had me laughing at your post title. You did a wonderful job as always.


Dawn said...

That really turned out lovely! Very artsy actually.