Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One off the List

Yee-haw! I finished one of my UFOs! :-)
Here Sir Henry, my teddy bear, is showing it to you. (Sir Henry was made by my mother some years ago as a Christmas gift for me, and I love him very much.)
I began this little four patch top a while ago. It only needed the borders. Now I added them and then quilted it during the weekend.
Now it hangs on our living room wall together with the other small doll (or teddy bear) quilts.
One off the list of my quilts to finish! Now I can start a new one, can´t I??? :-)


wishes, true and kind said...

So pretty! Love all those gorgeous quilts hanging in a row!

Martha said...

Nice job, Steffi -- it's such a cute row of little depression quilts. I think I like the fan quilt the best, but it's so hard to choose.