Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Flower Wednesday

Just today I found Karen´s Blog and read about her Garden Party.

The aim is to sew at least one flower a week and report about your progress on your blog on wednesdays. Just perfect for my unfinished lavender flower garden! So I joined in and immediately began to cut some white hexagons.

Most of my flowers are ready, but I think it was not my best idea to sew the colorful flowers first and leave the white background hexagons for it is a bit boring at the moment. The motivation of this group is maybe just what I need to get it done!
To make it a bit easier I cut stripes of the white fabric first, and then trace my hexagons using a thin wooden template my father made for me. This works very well!

So I hope that all these flowers soon have a white row attached! :-)

And for the other members of this group I want to indroduce myself in a few words:
Hi, I´m Steffi, I live in Germany and I am quilting for 15 years. I love to sew and quilt by hand, but I also do some machine work from time to time.
I absolutely love 1930s quilts and fabrics and I am collecting 30s reproduction fabrics for over 10 years now. Most of my stash are 30s repros, and I have a few quilts out of them in progress. (and a few finished that you can see in the little slide show on the right of my blog)
This lavender flower garden will be my second hexagon quilt and I am looking forward to finish it! :-)


Tineke said...

Hi Steffi,

I love your lavendel garden. Your are so is good to make the plain white ones every now and again. That was what I was thinking myself this week. I now make white hexies after making three flowers. It is a rhytm I hope to be able to keep up.

By the way, I live in Germany too (but I am dutch) :-)

All the best Tineke

Sue said...

So glad your joined! I love your lavender flowers! They are so sweet!!

aubirdwoman said...

lovely lavender garden, I can almost smell it.

Joan said...

Wonderful colours in your garden - I made the same mistake and now have to do the surrounding hexagons.

Karen said...

Lovely post Steffi! And such beautiful flowers. I love the template your father made for you.

Christine said...

I too love 1930's and have a great collections and have made a few quilts using them.


Fiesta said...

lovely hexagon flowers.

Carolyn said...

Your lavendar flowers are so sweet. I too collect and use 30's repro fabrics...they are so cheerful looking don't you think?

Theresa said...

I love lilac, this is going to be a wonderful quilt - good luck with getting those white hexagons attached :)

Sheila said...

Oh I have a couple of friends who would love those beautiful lavendar flowers , so pretty .Keep up the good work .

martine said...

I love the fabric you use for the flowers.

Auntie Em said...

Your lavender flowers will make a beautiful quilt. I'm making my hexies out of 30's reproductions too.
Nice to meet you.

Janet said...

It sounds like the group is going to be very motivating in getting the hexagons done. They are beautiful. I have the same trouble with 1930's dresdens that I started paper piecing and got bored with.

wishes, true and kind said...

So pretty! Aren't hexies addicting?!?!?