Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Two WIPs

My first WIP this week is a commission quilt for a Facebook friend. 
She asked if I could make her a Rainbow Star quilt similar to this one that I made last year:
but with a dark background.
She chose the Scribble Notes in black from the Architextures collection. I think it's really great that they reprinted some of the fabrics!

144 different squares in a rainbow of happy colors.

And I am still quilting the Pickle Dish.
By the time I had almost finished quilting the rings, this was left from the first ball of thread. Good thing that I bought two! 
 Now I am quilting the borders. 
Yesterday I made a little tutorial about how I make my own quilting templates.
Maybe you'll want to have a look. ;-)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Make your own Templates for Hand Quilting

I thought I would share with you how I make my own hand quilting templates.
I never bought a template from a store. 
First, because I don't have a quilt shop near me, 
second, because the readily available templates are seldom in the right size and pattern, 
and third, because I rather spend my money on fabric.

For this example, I wanted a border template for the Pickle Dish quilt.
The border is 6" wide and I figured out that one repeat of the pattern should be 10".

 So I drew a rectangle 6" x 10" onto a sheet of normal printer paper.
I decided on a double cable pattern and drew the horizontal and vertical middle lines and a few other reference lines, before I drew one repeat of the pattern with a pencil.
 When I was satisfied with the drawing, I took a felt pen and repainted the lines.
Then I cutted the template roughly to size.
 Now I took some self-adhesive transparent film (the kind of stuff you use to wrap around books) and stuck two layers onto each side of my template to make it more sturdy.
 And then I cutted the lines with a pair of small, sharp scissors. 
Don't forget to leave some little connecting links, so that the middle parts of the template cannot fall out.
 Now the template is ready for use! I normally just use a soft, sharp pencil, unless the fabrics are not too dark.
Over the years my collection of self made templates grew, but a lot of them are tucked away somewhere.

 And here is my already quilted border. Again I used the variegated Valdani perle cotton.
For the corner I used two different plates to draw the quarter circles.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quilting the Pickle Dish

 September - cooler weather, the sun sets earlier, and it is nice again to sit under a warm quilt while working on it. So I started quilting the Pickle Dish.
 I am using this fuchsia and purple variegated perle cotton #12 from Valdani. 
It's the first time I use Valdani, and it is very nice to work with.
 Three rows of quilt stitches in the rings.
I'm not sure what to quilt into the background spaces yet, but I'm sure I'll find a pattern soon.
I do all the rings first, to get the safety pins out of the quilt and to stabilize it.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Quilt Show in Arnhem

 Today we visited the annual quilt show of the dutch quilters guild.
This year it was held in the "Eusebiuskerk" (church) in Arnhem.
The church is big and quite impressing and makes a great backdrop for the colorful quilts.
 This year's theme was "kringloop", that means cycle, or recycle.
So there were some quilts out of recycled materials.

 ...Jeans,...'s ties,...

 ...vintage bed and table linens.

 There even was a dress made out of ties!
 And this quilt was particularly cool. It is made out of 1310 little clothes labels!
 Of course there also were a lot of beautiful quilts from "regular" fabrics. :-)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

more Thrift Store Finds from Denmark

In the danish thrift stores I watched out for 100% cotton men's shirts, and I was quite successful. I brought home 10 shirts and one dress. Some of the shirts are shades of purple, my most wanted color.
I also found a few beautiful vintage sheets.
 And some new Fat Quarters from the quilt shops.
Because I celebrated my bithday during our holiday, my danish friend gave me the Mama Said Sew charm pack. Thank you, Mille! :-) 
And then I found the cute tin, fabric covered buttons, and button-shaped magnets in a fun shop called "Tiger".

Saturday, September 6, 2014

a Thrift Store Treasure

 We are back from Denmark, and look what I found: a Singer 99K! Isn't she a beautiful little machine? I found her in a thrift shop.
The Danish have great thrift shops. In almost every town you can find at least one. I love to visit them and see if they have nice men's shirts or vintage sheets for patchwork.
And on our last day, in the last shop, this little beauty was sitting and waiting for me.
I searched online a bit and found out that this machine was made in Scotland in 1958. I threaded it and sewed a few test seams. Everything seems to work fine, but I'll clean and oil it at first.
Then I could sew wherever I want, even on the balcony. :-) And it also makes a beautiful decoration piece, I think.
 We also watched some awesome sunsets at the beach.
For years I want to make a quilt with sunset colors, and I think I finally have an idea for a pattern.
More of this soon. And I'll also show you what else I brought home from Denmark.